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The Demaco liquefier for hydrogen is an advanced cooling system used to liquefy hydrogen. Hydrogen must be cooled to a temperature as low as -252.9 °C (at atmospheric pressure) to achieve its liquid form. The liquefier ensures that this temperature is reached and that the liquid hydrogen produced is of optimal quality and free of hydrogen gas bubbles.


The liquefier has two main applications:

First, liquefiers are used to produce liquid hydrogen as efficiently as possible. The liquid hydrogen is then used for purposes such as:

  • Improving sustainability in the mobility sector as an environmentally friendly fuel.
  • Storing hydrogen in a small volume (volume reduction).
  • Transporting hydrogen in an efficient way (volume reduction).
  • Powerful cooling for, among other things, superconductivity (-252.9 °C).
  • Testing of material properties under extreme conditions.

Additionally, in some applications, the gaseous hydrogen that is released during use is captured and re-liquefied (reliquefaction). This so-called closed-loop principle is used in advanced refrigeration systems and is a solution for boil-off gas re-flow.

Some examples of industries in which we expect to see liquefaction become increasingly common are aerospace, mobility, energy, and scientific research.

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Liquefiers for hydrogen are always connected to a cryogenic infrastructure and complemented with the proper monitoring and control technology to guarantee the quality of the liquid hydrogen.


The Demaco hydrogen liquefier contains a cryocooler and a vacuum insulated storage vessel. The hydrogen gas is passed along the coldest part of the cooler (the cold head), reaching the required temperature of -252.9 °C. The liquefier causes the hydrogen gas to condense, after which the liquid is collected in the storage vessel (the dewar).

All liquefiers are vacuum insulated and made of stainless steel. This makes them ideally suited for liquid hydrogen processing.

Engineering services

In addition to the standard liquefier, Demaco also supplies customized products. Does a customer need a liquefier with a different capacity or specific characteristics? Or is there a need for consultancy on a project? Our team will develop a liquefier that perfectly meets the customer’s requirements.

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What we do!

We advise, design, develop, manufacture, test, and install customized hydrogen solutions. Infrastructures with liquefiers, loading bays, or loading arms, and vacuum insulated transfer lines with matching couplings; our team delivers only the best quality.

Backed by years of experience and an enormous passion for our profession, Demaco has all the knowledge to make the most advanced hydrogen projects a success.

It’s all about Cryogenius.

The future of liquid hydrogen

  • Liquid hydrogen is gaining an increasingly prominent role in the mobility and energy sectors.
  • This sustainable energy carrier has the potential to be deployed worldwide in the near future.
  • Demaco Hydrogen contributes significantly to developing the new technologies needed in the future supply chain.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

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