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Renee Seeder

In memoriam René Seeder

It is with great sadness and deep admiration that we remember René Seeder, a special man who left us far too soon on 14 May. ...
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Sample storage: refrigeration systems and applications

Storing biological components almost indefinitely, without any change or degradation in cells. That is the goal of sample storage or cryopreservation. But what exactly is ...
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Controlled rate freezer: the cryogenic infrastructure

Cooling a product to a temperature far below 0 at the perfect rate in a controlled rate freezer. Controlled rate freezers are indispensable cryogenic applications ...
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Cryogenic storage dewar

The cryogenic storage dewar: features and applications

The cryogenic storage dewar is one of the very earliest cryogenic applications. This practical storage vessel is typical in virtually all cryogenic industries and is ...
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World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition

Demaco will again participate in this year’s World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition from 9 to 11 May in Ahoy Rotterdam – twice as big as ...
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filling stations

Eight advantages of a liquid nitrogen filling station

Hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, research sites, and universities. In almost every location where multiple people or departments use liquid nitrogen, a liquid nitrogen filling station is available.What exactly ...
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