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For the proper functioning of most cryogenic applications, it is necessary that the system’s working pressure is adjustable and that the gas’s quality is continuously enhanced. To meet these two conditions, it is recommended to use a phase separator.

The Demaco phase separator:

  • allows the working pressure to be set at the desired level
  • enhances the quality of cryogenic liquids 
  • guarantees a sufficient buffer of liquid gas

How does a phase separator work?

The cryogenic phase separator contains an internal storage dewar (the buffer), in which liquid gas such as liquid nitrogen or liquid hydrogen is temporarily brought to a standstill. Because gas is lighter than liquid, any gas bubbles naturally rise at a standstill (or at very low flow rates).

At a preset pressure level, a relief valve opens at the dewar’s top, releasing the gaseous portion. At the bottom of the dewar, the pure cryogenic liquid can then be extracted at an output pressure set by the customer.

The correct control of the filling valve is essential for the phase separator to operate correctly and open at precisely the right moment. The phase separator has a level sensor and a level controller, which control the filling valve.


The construction and size of Demaco’s phase separators are always perfectly matched to any project at hand. This is achieved by using standard modules that are configured in a product configurator.

In recent years we mainly supplied phase separators with a capacity of 40 or 100 liters – for both liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic liquids. In most cases, these sizes perfectly meet the requirements of our customers. If so required, we can develop phase separators to specific customer requirements.

For additional specifications, download the Phase Separator product sheet.

Application of the phase separator

The phase separator guarantees pure liquid gases; for this reason, it is used across a wide range of industries. We see the application reflected within infrastructures for liquid nitrogen, but the phase separator is also important for liquid hydrogen, liquid helium and liquid oxygen, for example.

For most users of cold liquid gases, it is essential that the gas is pure, of high quality, and free from any gas bubbles.

Some of the industries in which we often see the phase separator are the medical industry, the food industry, the automotive industry, and the electronics industry. These industries all make extensive use of nitrogen systems, in which temperature and pressure control, as well as an excellent quality liquid gas, are essential for proper operation.

For more information on the industries in which our cryogenic products are used, please look at our industries page.

The advantages of the Demaco phase separator

As already briefly described above, the phase separator ensures a constant supply of liquid gas of the highest quality – where it is possible to set the operating pressure yourself. In addition, the phase separators also offers enormous flexibility. This is reflected in these advantages of Demaco’s phase separators:

  • versatile configuration options: The phase separator offers multiple configurations, allowing the application to be seamlessly adapted to the specific requirements of each project.
  • various connection types: The phase separator is also suitable for different connection types. This ensures flexibility in integration with existing systems.
  • flexible placement of valves: Lastly, the valves can be installed in different locations, if predetermined. This contributes to efficient and space-saving installation.


Accessory products

Every phase separator is part of a cryogenic infrastructure. This system usually consists of vacuum-insulated pipes, storage tanks or dewars and various quality-enhancing products such as the phase separator, gas vent and degasser.

For correct operation, each phase separator contains a level sensor and a level controller. The level sensor measures the liquid level in an internal buffer dewar used by the level controller to operate the phase separator’s filling valve.

Want to know more about our level sensor and level controller? Then check out our Level Sensor and Level Controller page or download the Level Sensor and Level Controller product sheets.

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