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Cryo valves
Most cryogenic systems include one or more cryogenic valves; these valves effectively manage the flow and quality of liquid gases. These valves are integrated into the piping system, cryogenic dewars, or quality-enhancing products to stop, pass or drain liquid or gaseous agents. Demaco offers three standard valves:
  • Demaco Cryogenic Valve – Manual on/off
  • Demaco Cryogenic Valve – Pneumatic on/off
  • Demaco Cryogenic Valve – Control valve
All these valves are vacuum insulated. This significantly reduces both heat inleak and ice accumulation. Together with the customer, Demaco chooses one or more of the above types of valves, depending on the specifications of a project, system, or application. When installed in a pipeline system or on a storage tank, the cryogenic valves are used to manage cryogenic gases.


Demaco supplies cryogenic valves with a streamlined and industrial design, perfectly matching a wide variety of cryogenic systems. All of our valves guarantee a good flow rate and can be set to different flow rate configurations. For example, our Cryogenic Control Valve comes with three standard Kv value sets per line. The Demaco Manual on/off Cryogenic Valve and the Cryogenic Pneumatic on/off Valves also offer broad configuration options. Our valves are made of stainless steel and offer a long service life, partly due to the self-adjusting spindle gasket with V-seal, intermediate relief, and wiper. Do you care to know more? Then please download the product sheets of the Cryogenic Manual on/off Valve, Cryogenic Control Valve, Cryogenic Pneumatic on/off valve for more information.

Applicability of cryogenic valves

Demaco’s cryogenic valves are applicable in compliance with EC 1935/2004 and FDA. As a result, they can be used in any cryogenic industry, including those industries with strict guidelines regarding safety and hygiene. Demaco’s valves are therefore widely used in the food industry, medical industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Accessory products

Our cryogenic valves are part of Demaco’s extensive range of cryogenic modular elements. Cryogenic valves, in combination with transfer lines, couplings, and quality enhancing products, form a complete cryogenic infrastructure that is perfectly capable of safely storing, transporting, and employing cryogenic gases. Some products often supplied in combination with cryogenic valves are vacuum insulated transfer lines, sub coolers, filling stations, or phase separators.
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