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Your partner for any cryogenic solution

We have 60 years of experience with the most advanced projects, a more than passionate team and an unbridled drive to learn. Demaco has evolved into a genuine ‘Cryogenius’.

Specialist in cryogenics

Demaco is an expert in the field of cryogenic technology. We build infrastructures to facilitate the transport and application of industrial gases at extremely low temperatures. Between -160 and -271 ℃, to be precise. Since we work on both standard and highly advanced projects, we have built up a vast experience. Consequently, no cryogenic issue is too ambitious; we tackle every new challenge with equal enthusiasm.

Committed to the entire process

A real Cryogenius can do it all. Engineering at the highest level, devising and building the optimal designs, counteracting when needed, accurate testing, safe installation, error-free commissioning, providing the required documents and certification. Demaco is actively involved throughout the entire process. And if that is not enough, our customers can also visit our Webshop Vacuum for vacuum components, vacuum pumps, pressure gauges, and a whole lot more.

International focus

At a national and international level, Demaco is a well-known name in cryogenic techniques. We travel worldwide, work on large international projects, and have our representatives in Russia, France, Spain, China, and Malaysia. This allows us to serve all our customers to perfection. On location and in various languages.

Owner & Management Team

Ronald Dekker


+31 226 332 100

Niels Beers


+31 226 332 171

Jarno van Utteren


+31 226 332 100

Maurice Dekker

Manager Sales & Marketing

+31 621 199 921

Marco Roos

Manager Engineering & Procurement

+31 226 332 144

Wendy Vega

Manager HR

+31 226 332 140

Ron Oudeman

Manager Operations

+31 226 332 167

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The history of Demaco

Allow us to take you on a journey through the history of Demaco. Please take a look at the timeline below showing all of our developments, from our founding in 1960 to our future plans.


Facts & figures

A fast-growing team, representation in several countries and five business units in which we are highly specialized. Demaco is growing rapidly, but continues to work extremely systematically. Click on the links below for more information about the layout and design of our company.

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