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Demaco has divided its organisation into four business units. This makes it possible to offer a specialised approach to the wide variety of projects in which we are involved.

Years ago, Demaco was one of the first companies to produce vacuum insulated transfer lines. At that time, their application was fairly limited, and our projects were all somewhat similar. However, as the demand increased, our focus became broader and our work more and more versatile. Gradually, we became involved in small and (very) large projects across an increasing number of industries worldwide.

The growth in demand within our operating area soon implied that a change in working methods was imperative. After all, a specialized Helium project that takes years to complete cannot be compared with the supply of standard pipes or a vacuum pump sale. To respond to this as effectively as possible, we decided to set up our business units.

By switching between different industries and business units, Demaco now positions itself as a chameleon. For each business unit, we have a specialized team and a perfect strategy. All teams work slightly differently but have one thing in common: our core values. ‘Reliability,’ ‘high quality,’ ‘solution-oriented’ and ‘innovation’ are of paramount importance to Demaco, which is reflected in our work.

Our projects can currently be divided into four business units: Business unit Systems, Business unit Plants, Business unit  Science, and Business unit Vacuum Technology.


Business unit Systems

Vacuum insulated transferlines are used in both the gas industry and end-users to transport liquid gas safely and at the right temperature. These pipes come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes span hundreds of meters.

In cooperation with our clients, Demaco designs, builds and delivers piping of the highest quality. Piping projects include design, production and installation. Each project is also delivered with a data book and a manual. All parts of a project are carried out with great care and our project coordinators have all the necessary knowledge to carry out the work according to the Demaco standard.

Does a customer require not only piping but also systems to condition the use of liquid gases?  In addition to the piping, this business unit also supplies accessory components to optimize liquid gases’ quality. Examples include our degasser, phase separator, and sub-cooler.

Primarily in the gas industry and the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry, the medical industry, and the electronics industry, Demaco is regularly contracted to build complete systems. These projects include design, engineering, and installation and are performed according to the EN 13480 standard.

The systems are built in the Netherlands and are installed in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. The delivery time for these projects is usually 4 to 12 weeks and includes a data book and manual. Just like our Piping projects, our Systems are characterised by high quality and a fast delivery time, for a good price.


Business unit Plants

In addition to piping and systems, Demaco also assists with large-scale ASU and LNG projects.

For some 30 years, Demaco has been helping gas suppliers to build and design, for example, air separation units (ASU). Air separation units are systems that purify atmospheric air in an advanced separation process, enabling the bulk production of, among other things, nitrogen, oxygen, and some noble gases.

Demaco is also increasingly involved in LNG projects. LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) is with -162 ℃, a relatively ‘warm’ liquid gas, and is mostly in demand in the marine industry. It is used as a more environmentally friendly fuel than conventional diesel.

Both ASU and LNG are large-scale projects and require a solution-oriented approach to translate customer specifications into the most efficient solution.

Our Plants business unit often gets involved in projects at an early stage. For example, we regularly help gas producers in the air separation industry with the design of cryogenic infrastructures, but also with calculations (stress calculations, pressure loss calculations and heat loss calculations) within large ASU projects.

Most of the Plants business unit projects have a duration of 3 months to a year and are performed for gas producers (EPC department), in the gas and oil market, and the shipping industry. Of course, all projects from this business unit also come with a data book and related reports and are carried out according to various design standards: EN 13480, ASME, IGC, and TRCU.


Business unit Science

The projects that involve working with helium or hydrogen systems (HHS) are almost always large-scale and complex. Because both liquid gases must be kept at freezing temperatures, the handling and transport of these require highly sophisticated systems. Temperature, pressure, and flow of liquid all must be perfect with no room for error.

HHS projects require vast in-depth knowledge and expertise and a fair share of out-of-the-box thinking. High-quality HHS solutions are entirely worked out according to customer specifications and include the design, engineering, supervision, installation, and extensive documentation. Our engineers work in compliance with various design standards (EN 13480, ASME, IGC, and TRCU).

Most HHS projects take place within scientific research, the space industry, hydrogen industry and EPC contractors worldwide.


Business unit Vacuum Technology

In the 1980s, when Demaco began to shift focus from mechanical engineering to cryogenic engineering, vacuum technology also entered the scene.

Cryogenic gases have to be kept at ultra-low temperatures, therefore requiring ultimate insulation. For this reason, all our cryogenic infrastructures are double-walled with high-vacuum insulation.

In addition to applying vacuum technology, Demaco also sells vacuum components, pumps, pressure gauges, mass spectrometers, leak detection devices, and much more. We also supply complete systems built to customer specifications, including sputter systems and ultra-high vacuum products.

In our Vacuum Webshop, you can read all about our vacuum systems, parts, and services.

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