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When a cryogenic application is temporarily shut down (for example, over the weekend), some gas-forming occurs due to heat loss. The gas bubbles push the liquid gas back into the storage tank, causing the cryogenic infrastructure to slowly warm-up.

After the application is turned back on, the cryogenic infrastructure must first be cooled again before pure liquid gas can reach the usage point. This results in some waiting time when turning the application back on.

Our automatic gas vent (also known as keep-cold-device) solves this problem by taking advantage of the fact that gas is lighter than liquid. By placing the automatic gas vent at a high point in a cryogenic infrastructure, the gas formed within the system is automatically discharged when the application is stopped. As a result, the cryogenic infrastructure remains filled with cold liquid gas and is always readily available at the usage points.

How the Demaco degasser works:


Our automatic gas vent is vacuum insulated and available in various configurations. The assembly is modular and available in a variety of sizes. The automatic gas vent functions entirely mechanical; electricity is only required for the optional solenoid valve or timer.

When in service with liquid nitrogen, the automatic gas vent is suitable for pressure rates up to PN16 and when in service with liquid CO2 for pressure rates of up to PN28.

For more specifications, download the product sheet of our automatic gas vent.

Application of the automatic gas vent

Automatic gas vents are mainly used in industries where instant access to pure liquid gas is required, without waiting time after downtime. This could include filling stations in hospitals or laboratories or refrigeration equipment in the food industry or automotive industry.

Our gas vent products are mainly used to improve response times or enhance the quality of liquid nitrogen; however, use for other cryogenic gases is also possible.

Accessory products

The Demaco automatic gas vent is part of our extensive toolbox of cryogenic modular elements. Depending on the customer’s specific requirements, we supply automatic gas vents that perfectly fit into a wide variety of cryogenic systems. For example, our automatic gas vents are mounted into cryogenic infrastructures of vacuum insulated transfer lines, complete with vacuum insulated valves, solenoid valves, Johnston or welded couplings, and gas vent heaters.

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