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Liquid hydrogen is in the spotlight as a versatile, clean, and safe energy carrier that is used, among other things, as a fuel in fuel cells and as a feedstock in the industrial sector. To safely transport and use liquid hydrogen, sophisticated cryogenic infrastructures are required. Demaco has been at the forefront of the engineering, production, and installation of these systems for many years.

Our team of cryogenic experts delivers complete turn-key solutions worldwide for a wide variety of cryogenic hydrogen projects. We take full ownership from the initial concept to the commissioning of the application. With infinite knowledge and experience, our team supports the implementation of liquid hydrogen in various sectors and is ready to significantly accelerate the sustainable energy transition.

What we do!

We advise, design, develop, manufacture, test, and install customer-specific hydrogen solutions. Infrastructures with loading bays, or loading arms and vacuum insulated transfer lines with the proper couplings; our team delivers high quality projects.

Building on years of experience and a huge passion for our profession, Demaco has all the required knowledge to make the most advanced hydrogen projects successful.

It’s all about Cryogenius.

The future of liquid hydrogen

  • Liquid hydrogen is gaining an increasingly prominent role in the mobility and energy sectors.
  • The sustainable energy carrier has the potential to be deployed worldwide in the near future.
  • Demaco Hydrogen significantly contributes to developing new technologies needed in the future supply chain.

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Committed to the entire supply chain

  • H2 molecules
  • Liquefier
  • Storage Tank
  • Pipelines
  • Loading Bay
  • Boat applications
  • Hydrogen Transport
  • Couplings
  • Marine Applications
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Train applications
  • Automotive Applications

Demaco Hydrogen portfolio

Vacuum insulated transfer lines (LH2 VIP)

Demaco is an expert in producing the best vacuum insulated transfer lines for liquid hydrogen (LH2 VIP). Be sure to read on for more information.
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Loading Bay

The loading bay makes it possible to load liquid hydrogen quickly and safely on a vessel or truck. Read on for more about the Demaco ...
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Loading Arm

A loading arm facilitates liquid hydrogen transfer from one tank to another. Continue reading for more about the Demaco loading arm.
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Demaco Hydrogen
latest projects

A new launching platform for satellite carriers

INOX CVA built a new launching platform for satellite carriers for ISRO in India. Demaco played...
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Project ESS

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a Partnership of 13 European Nations committed to the goal ...
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A cryogenic aircraft engine for sustainable air travel

As part of the sustainability goals set by ACARE Flightpath 2050 for the aviation industry, the development of new technologies that will make air travel ...
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