Cryogenic cooling trays in the food industry

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Cryogenic cooling boxes

In both the food industry and the automotive industry, Cryogenic cooling trays are widely used. These trays, often filled with liquid nitrogen, make it possible to temporarily immerse objects or food items in them, thereby cooling them at lightning speed.


For the food industry, Demaco mainly supplies long, rectangular, open trays. These trays are typically insulated with PIR insulation boards and use a level controller provided by the customer.

As the food industry has to deal with strict hygiene rules (the HACCP requirements), we have chosen to produce cryogenic cooling trays that are easy to clean. In addition, our trays contain an ingenious gas tube that considerably speeds up emptying the system.

Applications of Cryogenic cooling trays in the food industry

Within the food industry, cryogenic cooling trays are widely used for dipping, including during the production of ice cream. By briefly dipping the ice cream in a bath of nitrogen, a thin layer of, for example, chocolate or fruit can be formed around the ice cream. The rest of the ice cream retains its required temperature and quality thanks to this rapid process. Within the food industry, cryogenic cooling trays are also called dipping trays for this reason.

Accessory products

Cryogenic cooling trays are always part of an infrastructure using quality enhancing products such as phase separators, vacuum-insulated piping, and any additional products. We supply all products necessary for the optimal functioning of cryogenic cooling trays.

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