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Demaco loading arm for liquid hydrogen


The Demaco loading arm enables the safe transfer of liquid hydrogen from one tank to another while maintaining its quality. Often this application is used for liquid hydrogen refueling of transport vehicles, such as ships, trucks, or aircraft.

A standard loading arm consists of a connection to a buffer tank, swivel joints, support construction, and a connection to the transportation vehicle. A loading arm can be a rigid or flexible vacuum insulated pipe.

Often the last coupling in the system is implemented as a safety coupling that disengages from the conveyor in the event of unintentional excessive force. This coupling is also called a breakaway coupling.


Loading arms are essential for refueling liquid hydrogen. We, therefore, see the loading arm frequently used in the following industries:

  • The marine industry, for refueling ships. In this case, the loading arm is located onshore and flexes with the ship to adapt to its movements.
  • The aviation industry, for refueling aircraft.
  • The automotive industry, for refueling tankers.

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A loading arm is part of a complete cryogenic infrastructure. This usually consists of storage tanks; vacuum insulated transfer lines for liquid hydrogen (LH2 VIP), a loading bay, and the appropriate couplings such as Johnston couplings, welding couplings, and breakaway couplings. Obviously, these couplings are also vacuum insulated.


The Demaco loading arm for liquid hydrogen is made of stainless steel and equipped with high vacuum insulation. The application is suitable for liquid hydrogen (LH2) and LNG and may have a diameter of up to 8″.


Every project, every location, and every loading arm is different. The development of the perfect loading arm is therefore always in consultation with the client, and every loading arm has its variable dimensions and capacity.

With our many years of experience in developing cryogenic infrastructures, we know precisely how to develop the loading arm that best suits the customer’s needs and requirements.

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Every industry is different, and we can perfectly adapt to all of them.

Demaco liquid hydrogen filling stations for the automotive industry
Demaco loading arm for liquid hydrogen in the marine industry
Demaco loading arm for liquid hydrogen in the aviation industry

What we do!

We advise, design, develop, manufacture, test, and install customized hydrogen solutions. Infrastructures with liquefiers, loading bays, or loading arms, and vacuum insulated transfer lines with the proper couplings; our team delivers the best quality.

Based on our many years of experience and an enormous passion for our profession, Demaco has all the knowledge to make the most advanced hydrogen projects a success.

It’s all about Cryogenius.

The future of liquid hydrogen

  • Liquid hydrogen is obtaining an increasingly prominent role in the mobility and energy sectors.
  • The sustainable energy carrier has the potential to be deployed worldwide in the near future.
  • Demaco Hydrogen contributes significantly to the development of the new technologies that will be necessary for the future supply chain.

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