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Filling Station
When applications dictate the need to take out small amounts of liquid gas quickly and frequently, a filling system may prove useful. A filling system is placed beside a tank in or outside the building to facilitate quick withdrawal of a few liters of liquid gas. Demaco supplies two different types of filling stations:
  1. Filling stations for filling storage and transport vessels (pressurized)
  2. Filling stations for manually filling open dewars (non-pressurized)


The filling station for storage vessels and transportation dewars typically consists of several components: a phase separator, valves, vacuum-insulated piping, and a control cabinet with HMI (human machine interface). The system comes with a stainless-steel frame and is suitable for filling both open and closed containers. The filling system control valves are placed at an ergonomic height while the connections are located at the back. Highly flexible hoses are used to connect the filling system to the dewars or transport vessels. The dewars’ filling system typically comprises highly flexible vacuum insulated hoses with a valve and control box to open and close the valve. This handheld box and hose are simple to use and therefore ideally suited for filling small dewars. Optionally, we can add a prepaid card system to the system.
Filling Station

Filling system applications

Filling systems are mainly used at research and testing facilities or when several departments within one organization share a buffer tank. This way, each department has access to liquid nitrogen (or other liquid gases) when needed. User registration is often used in these cases, keeping track of exactly which department is consuming which quantities.

Our filling systems are often used for liquid nitrogen applications in laboratories, hospitals, cryo- and biobanks. In these cases, the storage tank is always located outside. Employees refill their open dewars or closed transport vessels inside whenever they need liquid nitrogen for their activities. Demaco also supplies the vacuum insulated transfer lines from the storage tank to the internal filling station.

Accessory products

Our filling systems include a phase separatorlevel sensor, level controller, and valves.


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