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Demaco loading bay


The Demaco loading bay allows liquid hydrogen to be easily and safely loaded into a transport vehicle. The cryogenic liquid is transferred through vacuum insulated pipes from an on-site storage vessel to a ship or truck for long-distance transport.

A loading bay contains valves, pressure relief mechanisms, and monitoring and control technology. If required, all components can be mounted in a vacuum insulated box, thus creating a safe and efficient unit. In this way, the system’s total cost is reduced while efficiency increases.


Loading bays make it possible to transport liquid hydrogen by ship or truck over long distances. The transport of liquid hydrogen is an essential factor in its large-scale use. Not every end-user is located close to a producer of liquid hydrogen or in an area where this cryogenic liquid is available.

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A loading bay is always part of a cryogenic infrastructure, including vacuum insulated liquid hydrogen transfer lines (LH2 VIP), Johnston or welded couplings, valves, pressure relief mechanisms, and monitoring and control technology. Also, a loading bay often contains flexible vacuum insulated pipes, which are used to readily route the liquid hydrogen to a truck or ship filling point.

Optionally, hydrogen purification can be added as a process step in the loading bay.


All loading bays are vacuum insulated and made of stainless steel, which is ideally suited for the application of liquid hydrogen.

The Demaco loading bay can be delivered and installed both mobile (on a trailer) and at a fixed location. Together with our customers, we look at which option best fits the particular project.

Engineering services

Every loading bay is different. Together with our customers, we look at all the design specifications for a specific project and develop a loading bay that fits perfectly. Loading bays for small applications or large-scale transportation; we offer turnkey solutions for a wide variety of projects.

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Every industry is different, and we adapt to all of them perfectly.

Demaco liquid hydrogen filling stations for the automotive industry
Demaco loading arm for liquid hydrogen in the marine industry
Demaco loading arm for liquid hydrogen in the aviation industry

What we do!

We advise, design, develop, manufacture, test, and install customized hydrogen solutions. Infrastructures with liquefiers, loading bays, or loading arms, and vacuum insulated transfer lines with the appropriate couplings; our team delivers the best quality.

Backed by years of experience and a huge passion for our profession, Demaco has all the knowledge to make the most advanced hydrogen projects a success.

It’s all about Cryogenius.

The future of liquid hydrogen

  • Liquid hydrogen is attaining an increasingly prominent role in the mobility and energy sectors.
  • The sustainable energy carrier has the potential to be globally used in the near future.
  • Demaco Hydrogen contributes significantly to developing the new technologies needed in the future supply chain.

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