It’s all about Cryogenius.

This year the 22nd joint Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference (CEC/ICMC 2019) will be held in the Convention Centre of Hartford, CT: Connecticut’s capital and one of New England’s oldest cities. The conference will deal with the science and engineering required for cryogenic applications, as well as the development and optimization of the materials used in cryogenics.

Every year Demaco takes an active role in providing the cryogenic users with the know-how from an experienced manufacturer point of view. This year won’t be different! Demaco will have the opportunity to share its experiences while designing and manufacturing cryogenic equipment either for superconductive motors for airplanes or High Luminosity Detectors.

Ronald Dekker (Director), Rossi Mendez (Sales Manager) and Stefan Schaap (Senior Project Engineer) look forward to welcoming you at our booth No. 517! It’s all about Cryogenius.

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