MT25 – International Conference on Magnet Technology

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MT25 – International Conference on Magnet Technology

The MT25 conference is the most important international forum addressing all aspects of magnet research, development, construction, testing, and operation. Demaco is Silver Sponsor of the conference

The subject of the conference is the technology associated with the construction of coils and magnets. Coils can be part of devices for power, energy, transport and other applications. Magnets for generating magnetic field can either be of electro-magnetic nature comprising turns of a current carrying conductor or be of a permanent magnetic material.

The scope includes structural and insulating materials, superconducting materials, normal conducting materials, cooling technology including cryogenics, power technology, design and analysis, instrumentation and measurement techniques, testing and operational experience.

Rossi Mendez-Cordero and Ronald Dekker host booth #14 at the Industrial Exhibition and are looking forward to meeting you at the RAI Amsterdam.

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