News about our client CERN

It’s all about Cryogenius.

News about our client CERN

In the famous Dutch newspaper NRC of April 17th, a large article was sacrificed to our valued client CERN. The actual accelerator LHC, world’s largest scientific experiment, will reach its technical limits in about 25 years. Therefore one has to start thinking about the follow-up: FCC (Future Circular Collider). Demaco is extremely proud to be involved regularly in various CERN projects. At present, Demaco is engaged in a project, where cryogenic expertise is essential: the engineering and building of four prototypes of a neutrino detector. Demaco delivers 34 vacuum-insulated valve boxes with corresponding transfer lines to complete the cryogenic infrastructure of the world famous DUNE project. It’s all about Cryogenius and the first boxes are mounted on the border between Switzerland and France.

LBNF: Overview of the future location of DUNE:

Interesting video about DUNE:

On the left: Valve box on its way to final destination at the detector.

On the right: Valve box tackled next to the gigantic liquid Argon reservoir

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