VDI Cryogenics Forum from 19-21 March 2014 in Karlsruhe (D)

It’s all about Cryogenius.

Ronald Dekker from Demaco will talk about “Spezifikation, Auslegung und Komponenten von Kryosystemen” on the second day. We see it as our task to pass on our know-how in this field and we therefore invite all interested engineers and technicians that work with cryogenic systems or manufacture these, to take part in the “ VDI-Wissensforum Kryogenie”, which will be organised in Karlsruhe (Germany). You will find all information attached, the program, as well as a registration form.

For your information: from 8 to 10 October of this year, the same Forum will be offered in English.

It’s all about Cryogenius.

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