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Demaco Cryogenic Valves

Most cryogenic systems include one or more cryogenic valves; these valves effectively manage the flow and quality of liquid gases. These valves are integrated into the piping system, cryogenic dewars, or quality-enhancing products to stop, pass or drain liquid or gaseous agents. Demaco offers three standard valves: Demaco Cryogenic Valve – Manual on/off Demaco Cryogenic …

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Demaco Subcooler

In most cryogenic infrastructures, some evaporation of liquid gas occurs. This results in a mixture of gas and liquid, which is not favorable for the infrastructure’s functionality, capacity, and operation. Quality improvement products like a phase separator, degasser, automatic gas vent, and subcooler are widely used in cryogenic engineering for the discharge or re-condensation of evaporated gases. …

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Vacuum Insulated Piping

Vacuum Insulated Transfer Lines (VIP)

Rigid- and flexible vacuum insulated transfer line Vacuum Insulated Piping forms the basis of almost every cryogenic infrastructure. The double-walled pipes ensure that cold liquid gases can be safely transported without excessive warming and lose their liquid state, which causes a quality reduction. Transfer lines connect, for example, a vessel to an application or an …

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