Cryogenic cooling boxes for the automotive industry

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Cryogenic cooling boxes

Cryogenic cooling boxes are regularly used in both the food industry and the automotive industry. Cryogenic cooling boxes in the automotive sector are special boxes, often filled with liquid nitrogen, in which engine parts are immersed for lightning-fast cooling for shrink fit applications. Additional cooling wheels are usually placed in these trays to give the part time to cool without compromising production speed.


Demaco supplies semi-closed vacuum insulated Cryogenic cooling boxes to various customers in the automotive industry. Our Cryogenic cooling boxes use a picostat (differential pressure gauge) as a level sensor installed in complete robotized production lines. This makes it possible to dip objects into the Cryogenic cooling boxes automatically.

We often place a thermal heater around the edge of our Cryogenic cooling boxes (in the automotive industry) to prevent the extreme interior cold from escaping.

Cryogenic cooling boxes applications in the automotive industry

Cryogenic cooling boxes are used in the automotive industry to cool down engine parts that will then be affixed through shrink fit technology.

Cold shrink technology causes parts to shrink temporarily to later when they warm up expand again. By cooling an engine part to extreme temperatures using our Cryogenic cooling box, it shrinks to the point where it can be inserted into its temporarily heated engine counterpart using light force. Once the components reach the ambient temperature again, they will be firmly fastened to each other by shrink fit technology.

Accessory products

Cryogenic cooling boxes are always part of an infrastructure that includes nitrogen conditioning equipment like phase separators, vacuum-insulated piping, a cooling wheel, and possible ancillary products. We supply all products required for the optimal functioning of Cryogenic cooling boxes.

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