On the bicycle to India…

It’s all about Cryogenius.


Friday morning, November 18th 2016, Ronald Dekker and his son Maurice arrived in Ahmedabad – after some 10.000 km on the bicycle! After a short power nap, they went to IPR (Institute for Plasma Research) in Gandhinagar by bicycle, where they were warmly welcomed by Mr P.K. Atrey, Acting Chief Administration Officer and Mr R.N. Bhattacharya, Project Co-ordinator Cryo-distribution and Cryoline System ITER-India.

Following the welcome speech, Ronald and Maurice were surprised by a nice gift and gave a short summary on their exceptional experiences during their cycling tour from Bergen (The Netherlands) to Ahmedabad (India). After that, it was time for the photo session and explanations on technical issues of the bikes and answering questions of the Cryolab employees.

Finally, Mr Bhattacharya, gave a tour through the Cryolab facilities, with the “Cryogenic Test Facility” as life and soul of the company, designed, built and installed by Demaco in co-operation with Linde. The cryogenic infrastructure works even better than specified and thus IPR/ITER India showed their appreciation for the collaboration with the colleagues from Demaco. It’s all about Cryogenius.

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