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The energy density of hydrogen- a unique property 1.0

The energy density of hydrogen: a unique property

Hydrogen has several remarkable properties. It stores in liquid form enormous amounts of energy, has a boiling point as low as -252.9 °C, and differs ...
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Why top-notch hydrogen pipelines are important 2

Why top-notch hydrogen pipelines are important

Hydrogen is a hot topic in the energy, fuel, and sustainability sector. With the necessary financial support from governments and the development of innovative applications, ...
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What is hydrogen used for 7

What is hydrogen used for? Five projects explained

In our recent blog on liquid hydrogen, we looked at hydrogen’s characteristics, history, and unique potential. We described why hydrogen has great potential in terms ...
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The History of Cryogenic Technology

While cryogenic technology is central to many industries today, this has not been the case for very long. It wasn’t until the twentieth century that ...
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Cryogenic equipment

Cryogenic equipment: Cooling trays in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is constantly evolving. New trends and car models require new production methods; simultaneously, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. As a consequence, there ...
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Cryogenic insulation

Vacuum insulation: 10 benefits of vacuum insulated systems

Since 1989, Demaco has been active in the field of vacuum technology as cryogenic (pipe)insulation. This innovative technique provides the best insulation for cryogenic transfer ...
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