Not surprisingly, refrigeration is an essential aspect of the food industry. Most food producers use refrigeration or freezing to keep their products in excellent condition for as long as possible.

Food industry

Cooling in the food industry

There are various ways of cooling. Of course, we all know the refrigerator with a temperature of around 3 to 4 centigrade, and the freezer with a temperature of around -18 centigrade. In the food industry, cryogenic freezing with liquid nitrogen is commonly used.

During production, many foods pass through large freezing tunnels, for instance, to cure a product’s surface, cooling it above freezing point, or freezing the product.

Some of the advantages of cryogenic freezing are the processing speed combined with the fact that foodstuffs are preserved at optimum quality.

Demaco is specialized in the supply of vacuum-insulated piping and liquid nitrogen systems for the food industry. Among others, we supply the piping between the gas suppliers’ tanks and food producers’ machines. We also provide various products that guarantee the medium’s quality (in this case, often liquid nitrogen). These products include the phase separator, the sub-cooler, and the automatic gas vent.

The services Demaco provides to the food industry are part of the Piping and Systems business unit. Would you like to know more? Then please take a look at our business units page for more detailed information.

Cryogenic cooling boxes

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Other industries

Demaco builds cryogenic infrastructures for gas producers, research institutes, universities, EPC contractors and end users of liquid gas within various industries. Each industry requires specific systems, and we are able to meet these requirements.

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