Similar to the medical industry, cryogenic techniques also play a prominent role in the pharmaceutical industry.


Liquid nitrogen in the pharmaceutical industry

In particular, liquid nitrogen is widely used within the pharmaceutical industry, for example, for the cooling of cryogenic storage vessels (large storage vessels at extremely cold temperatures) or the production of medicines in pill form.

Demaco supplies cryogenic systems and transfer lines that enable the use of liquid nitrogen within the pharmaceutical industry. Working in this industry demands specialism and discipline due to the stringent requirements regarding hygiene and quality. In many cases, only seamless and electrolytically polished pipe material may be used; all of the used materials must have certificates, while orbital welding must be used as much as possible. Fortunately, at Demaco, we have a lot of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, and we always collaborate with our clients on their project-specific requirements.

Because Demaco has been active within this industry for a long time, a growing number of pharmaceutical companies engage us in the preliminary stages of their cryogenic project. This means that we analyze the customer’s needs and translate those into an advanced cryogenic solution. Together with our client, we determine the technical specifications, after which we create a conceptual design.

The services that Demaco provides to the pharmaceutical industry are part of the Piping and Systems business unit. Would you like to know more? Please visit our business units page for more information.

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Other industries

Demaco builds cryogenic infrastructures for gas producers, research institutes, universities, EPC contractors and end users of liquid gas within various industries. Each industry requires specific systems, and we are able to meet these requirements.

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