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LH2 Johnston coupling


All cryogenic infrastructures, including those for liquid hydrogen, are installed using couplings. These couplings enable vacuum insulated pipeline sections to be connected together on-site and also to production sites, storage vessels and transportation vehicles.

A popular coupling for liquid hydrogen projects is the LH2 Johnston coupling. This coupling is used to easily and quickly connect prefabricated vacuum insulated pipe spools together during installations.

Compared to the standard welding coupling, a Johnston coupling allows slightly more heat to pass through. The insulation capacity is slightly less. However, the main advantage of a Johnston coupling is the fact that it offers more flexibility. The coupling consists of a male and a female connector, which can easily be joined together. On-site welding is therefore not required.


The applications of LH2 Johnston couplings are extensive. The coupling makes a generic connection between prefabricated components of vacuum insulated transfer lines (LH2 VIP), such as pipe sections or flexible hoses for liquid hydrogen.

For almost every liquid hydrogen project, the Johnston coupling can be used, although mainly it has significant advantages when a quick and easy installation is required. A good example is a temporary installation in preparation for a future expansion or dismantling.

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LH2 Johnston couplings are a part of cryogenic infrastructures, consisting of vacuum insulated liquid hydrogen transfer lines (LH2 VIP), applications or storage tanks, and quality improvement products.


All LH2 Johnston couplings are made of stainless steel, which implies they will last for many years without any problems. They also feature high-vacuum insulation. This will keep the surrounding heat out of the system as much as possible.

Vacuum insulated LH2 Johnston couplings have a diameter (of the process line) of up to 3″ and are suitable for standard design pressure up to PN25.

Engineering services

Demaco offers both standard solutions and custom-made systems. Does the customer need couplings with a specific diameter? Or is there a need to develop couplings with less common characteristics within a project? Our team will gladly provide advice and deliver a product that perfectly meets the customer’s requirements.

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