MSD Boxmeer – Vacuum insulated pipeline (VIP)

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MSD Boxmeer – Vacuum insulated pipeline (VIP)

Boxmeer, Netherlands,


Over the past decades, MSD has become a well-known end-user of Demaco’s cryogenic systems (vacuum-insulated piping). Together with multiple major gas suppliers, we have done approximately 10 to 15 projects at MSD’s various departments and new construction buildings.

In week 3 of 2023, we performed the on-site installation of a new vacuum-insulated pipeline. In this specific case, it was an extension of an earlier project which was delivered in 2006. The quality of this older pipeline was still perfect, but the end-user was expanding their capacity and needed more usage points to fill their storage Dewars with liquid nitrogen.

The project we installed consisted of 17 prefabricated spools, in total: 45 meters of DN25 and 21 meters of DN15 vacuum-insulated piping. 8 new dropper spools were installed that have 20 new usage points with a DN15 manually operated valve.

vacuum insulated piping

On-site, the installation, and pressure testing ran smoothly, led by our experienced colleagues Marco van der Walle and Ronald Kloppenburg. It’s all about Cryogenius.

Find our isometric drawing and project video below. For more information regarding this type of cryogenic project, please contact 

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