38 valve boxes and 90 vacuum insulated pipelines

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38 valve boxes and 90 vacuum insulated pipelines



Neutrino research at particle accelerators is complementary to studies made in cosmology and provides crucial input to knowledge of the universe. CERN and Fermilab have experiment programs at their respective sites to develop and test the liquid argon detector technologies. These are the CENF ProtoDUNE detectors and the Fermilab Short Baseline Neutrino detectors. CERN’s contribution to this international collaboration is in cryostats and cryogenics. The Neutrino Platform Proximity Cryogenics project is composed of four cryogenic systems connected to four cryostats.

Demaco was awarded with the contract for the design, manufacture, delivery, and installation of thirty-eight (38) valve boxes and ninety (90) vacuum insulated transfer lines. The project main challenge is to minimize heat inleak, the effect of thermal contraction of different process piping in the valve boxes, and vacuum insulated transfer lines at different temperatures, especially during cooling down.

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