Demaco Cooling System

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Demaco Cooling System

Not many people realize that even cryogenics are involved in the process of building a car.

Sophisticated engines require innovative technology and Demaco is part of the building process. Cold shrinking technology offers designers much flexibility in putting new ideas into their constructions.

This sophisticated technology with liquid Nitrogen is used in engine assembly lines of VW, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc.

Demaco has a wide knowledge and experience in cold shrinking technology and is preferred supplier for several producers of assembly lines. The automotive industry is one of the highest demanding and sets the standard for quality, reliability and efficiency. The Demaco systems are being used in automotive factories all over the world and have proven to be part of that standard as well.

This example shows a Demaco Cooling System:

Warm engine parts are being supplied by a robot at the inlay of the system, from where it is fed into the Nitrogen bath and cooled down to the necessary temperature for pressing it in the engine’s subassembly. Due to warming up, the engine part is expanding and safely fixated in the subassembly.

Other assembled products are camshafts or gearboxes.

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