FMC – Snøhvit Statoil Lng Terminal

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FMC – Snøhvit Statoil Lng Terminal



Vacuum insulation for LNG

Snøhvit (Norway) is the first offshore facility in the Barents-Sea. The project consits of the transport of Natural Gas to the land surface, where it will be liquefied for export. This is the first production facility of this kind in Europe and the northernmost of the world.

Demaco was involed in the engineering and delivery of the vacuum insulated parts of the so-called “loading arms”. The purchaser FMC assembeld these parts on behalf of Linde and the whole construction was installed at Statoil, obviously after serious testing.

For Demaco, LNG is a “normal” liquid gas, just like all the others , which is ‘rather warm’ with a temperature of -162 degrees Celcius. In the past years, Demaco has already implemented several projects for the purpose of LNG.

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