Although the electronics industry is not well known for cryogenic techniques and liquid gases, they in fact do play an important role within this industry. In particular liquid nitrogen is widely used during the production of electronic devices and tests under extremely cold temperatures.


Clean production environment and testing under cold conditions

Integrated Circuits (chips) are used in many everyday electronic devices. These chips contain metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) devices, which are produced in a slow-paced process in an ultra-clean workspace. The cleaner the production area, the greater the chance of producing satisfactory chips. Therefore, the automated production of these minuscule and highly sensitive components usually takes place in a hermetically sealed nitrogen environment. A cleaner environment is virtually impossible.

Electronic devices are often tested after production for their properties to withstand cold in everyday use. Think about a computer (including chips) being transported in freezing temperatures or sensors that measure a car tire’s pressure in freezing temperatures. Often these devices are temporarily placed in a cold box cooled by nitrogen after production. Are they then still working correctly? If so, the devices are ready for use.

Demaco advises, designs, manufactures, and installs complete cryogenic systems for the electronics industry. In addition to vacuum insulated pipelines, we also supply phase separators and sub-coolers to ensure a high quality of the medium and ‘dropper-lines’ to feed the machines.

The services that Demaco provides to the electronics industry generally resort under our business unit Systems. Would you like to know more? Then take a look at our business units page for more detailed information.


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Other industries

Demaco builds cryogenic infrastructures for gas producers, research institutes, universities, EPC contractors and end users of liquid gas within various industries. Each industry requires specific systems, and we are able to meet these requirements.

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