Cryogenic techniques are used regularly in the space industry. In particular, cryogenic infrastructures play an essential role when testing satellites in large simulation chambers and during scientific experiments in the field of space travel.


Comprehensive application of cryogenic technology

Cryogenic technology is used within the space industry in a variety of ways. For example, satellites are subjected to extreme cold in cryogenic testing facilities, with the objective to investigate whether all functions remain active when the satellite is not exposed to sunlight. In addition, cryogenic gases also come into play during rocket launches. Cryogenic rocket engines run on liquid oxygen (at -183°C) and liquid hydrogen (at -253°C).

Demaco builds infrastructures for large-scale projects in the space industry. These projects are typically very complex and require knowledge, expertise, and engineering of the highest level. In the past years, we have worked with major parties in this industry, such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

The services Demaco provides to the space industry are part of the HHS business unit. Are you interested to know more? Then please take a look at our business units page for further details.

Browse some of our projects in the space industry here:

Space projects

Valveboxes for ESA ESTEC (Noordwijk, NL)

The European Space Agency in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, extensively tests ...
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Project ESS

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a Partnership of 13 European Nations committed to the goal ...
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A new launching platform for satellite carriers

INOX CVA built a new launching platform for satellite carriers for ISRO in India. Demaco played...
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Other industries

Demaco builds cryogenic infrastructures for gas producers, research institutes, universities, EPC contractors and end users of liquid gas within various industries. Each industry requires specific systems, and we are able to meet these requirements.

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