Air Separation

Out of all our industries, the air separation industry is one of the most exceptional ones. Air separation is the method that enables the production of cryogenic gases in large quantities.

Air separation

Bulk production cryogenic gases

Air separation takes place in air separation units (ASU). These units are systems that purify atmospheric air in an advanced separation process at very low temperatures. This enables bulk production of nitrogen, oxygen, and some noble gases, including argon, among others.

Demaco has been working with all major gas suppliers worldwide for almost 40 years. Air separation plants are designed and built by these gas suppliers; we have been involved in these processes for a long time already.

In most cases, Demaco is called in during the initial phase of an air separation project to assist in determining the piping layout. In addition, our team performs various calculations to ensure the safety of the facility. Examples are the calculation of the pipeline pressure, the calculation of the heat load, risk analysis, and much more.

The services Demaco provides to the air separation industry are part of our Plants business unit. Would you like to know more? Then have a look at our business units page for more details.

Air Seperation

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Air Separation projects

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Other industries

Demaco constructs cryogenic infrastructures for gas producers, research institutes, universities, EPC contractors, and end-users of liquefied gas within various industries. Each industry requires specific systems, and we can perfectly meet these requirements.

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